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MultiMedia Computer Systems (MMCS) has been set up with the objective of building commercial application software products using the concepts of document management and workflow particularly in the areas of Banking, Insurance and for professionals like Auditors, Doctors and Lawyers.

Software Products ready to be taken to the market,

  • TRACE - GRC framework - Governance, Risk and Compliance addressing the computational needs of vertical segment of Audit professionals
  • EDICT - Helps in setting up Digital offices
  • CLACT - Cloud Accounting for small and medium enterprises

All the products are available in standard cloud (Multi tenancy) version and customizable enterprise version.

Products can match the competition - both in quality and price.

Market potential - The target potential customer base across the world is huge - number of professionals run into millions!

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  • MultiMedia Computer Systems Pvt Ltd.

    #736, 7th Main, 1st Floor, Mahalaxmi Layout,

    Bengaluru-560086, Karnataka, India

  • info@mmcspl.com

  • +91 (80) 2349 2185

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