Modern office work involve managing of compound documents - paper documents, scanned images, word/ excel files, Emails, Drawings and Sketches, video clippings and many more.

These documents (can have multiple versions) pass thru various work centers with notes, annotations, annexure and gets archived to be retrieved when required. Centralized Repository of Documents (CRD) is possible avoiding duplicate files and access to complete information in one click. CRD concept can be used to build centralized applications like Asset management, Maintenance and HR.

EDICT does all these and more and transforms the office to digital.

There are many more things Edict can do like - OCR, Form Recognition, Bar code reading, Batch scanning and Keyword search.

Web services available to facilitate integration with other systems.

EDICT comes with full security features like- access control, encryption, and audit trail.

Product is available in two versions -Standard and Enterprise (customizable).

The product got the best office automation award from Microsoft in 2003.

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