Doc Assist

For Gynaecologists and Obstetricians

Software products targeted at the medical profession very often deal with aspects such as billing, hospital bed management, inventories and do not always have a direct effect on the quality of care a doctor is able to provide to the patient. Despite the introduction of software systems, doctors spend significant amount of time, physically writing case histories and very often case histories of patients are not readily available because they have either been put away in storage or they are simply lost.

Doc Assist is a software product that has been developed to specifically address this issue. Doc Assist is targeted specifically at gynecologists and obstetricians. This has evolved over a period of years based on extensive interaction with a very reputed gynecologist in Bangalore, India.

1. Administration

  • Patient Registration
  • Appointments

2. Gynaecology and Obstetrics

  • Gynecology
  • Obstetrics
  • General Medical Record
  • Infertility

3. Surgical, Scans and Laboratory

  • Pregnancy Scan
  • Operation reports
  • Discharge Notes
  • Laboratory

The integration of Doc Assist with the document management engine, enables doctors create a multimedia medical database that can consist of scanned documents (such as x-rays, old medical records), video (such as ultrasound scans) and audio (e.g. conversations with patients for medico-legal reasons).

1. To the doctor:

  • Time spent on writing the patient file is reduced by nearly 95% - which means more quality time can be spent with the patient
  • Your patient files are available to you at any time - all the time
  • Time spent on writing the patient file is reduced by nearly 95% - which means more quality time can be spent with the patient
  • ALL information about a patient - case sheets, x-rays, ultrasound images, laboratory reports, etc. is part of the patient file Patient records are created on-line - no delay
  • You will be able to cross-reference your patient files for astute medical analysis
  • You can create your own personal reference database of labs, hospitals and doctors
  • You will have all your files easily accessible in case you need them for legal matters

2. To the patient:

  • Computer generated reports eliminating any ambiguities
  • On the spot reports eliminating the need of a repeat visit to pick up reports
  • Printed prescription instructions making it clear what to take, how much to take and when to take it

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