Digital Office Framework


The client is a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India and has offices that are geographically separate.

The schematic below illustrates the movement of a document before EDICT-Workflow was introduced.

Some of the the problems associated with this were:

  • Very difficult to precisely locate a document
  • Time critical documents would get held up at work centers if the person responsible was not in
  • Documents would get lost/misplaced
  • Due to the fact that the documents needed to physically move from on work center to the next, there were delays in processing
  • Once a file was sent to storage it would become unavailable for quick reference, retrieving it took time

The client had an installed network that consisted of Microsoft Windows Server and Clients with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook. EDICT-Workflow was integrated into the existing environment by interfacing it with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook. This enabled electronic movement of documents, instant retrieval of archived documents and real-time document tracking that enabled authorized users precisely track the path followed by each document across various work centers and identify its current location.

  • All documents available at the same time to all authorized users
  • Faster document processing times
  • No time wasted on locating documents
  • Real-time document tracking
  • Instant retrieval of archived documents
  • Increased security
  • Increased productivity

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