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Indira Clinic - Dr. Nandini Devi: One of Bangalore's leading gynaecologists

The objective was to develop software that is designed to help a doctor improve the quality and amount of time spent interacting with the patient and reduce the amount of time devoted to physically writing case histories, prescriptions and other related information.

MMCS worked with the doctor is developing Doc Assist over a period of 24 months. The various modules developed addressed various aspects of the medical practice such as patient administration, billing and most importantly modules that enabled the doctor create a patient's medical file using templates. This allows the doctor interact with the patient better and provide better care because of the fact that the doctor no longer spends most of the time physically writing the patient file. Modules were developed that allowed the doctor create file for obstetrics, gynaecology, general medicine and many more.

  • Instant access to over 2500 patient files
  • Patient files comprise of old paper based records, audio and video
  • Ability to search patient database on various criteria
  • A 95% reduction is time spent writing patient histories
  • Better doctor-patient interaction
  • Printed prescriptions that eliminate confusion

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